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How Do I Get Listed?
User Friendly - Life at an Internet Service Provider
Dilbert - Life at the office and dealing with a PHB
uComics - Various comics including Calvin and Hobbes
Comics - Various comics
King Features Syndicate - Various Comics
Dave Barry - Dave Barry's humour columns
How to survive a zombie attack - Exactly what the title says. Important stuff to know
Real Life Comics - The Online Comic, by Greg Dean
Player vs. Player Online - Inside the office of a gaming magazine.
Fark - The finest humorous news from around the globe.
Penny Arcade - Gamer oriented humour with occasional coarse language
Sinfest - Satire on life and after. (coarse language)
Ill Will Press - Dark humour, some coarse language
A Softer World - Whimsical, yet, unsettling at the same time
The Onion - Satire at its finest.
Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie - Geek Humour
The Toque - The World Leader In Canadian Humour and Satire
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Wired News - News with a tech slant
Slashdot - News for nerds. Stuff that matters
Salon - General News
The Windsor Star - Web site of The Windsor Star newspaper
City of Windsor - Information about the city
Canoe - Canadian news site
Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
Antiwar - Your best source for antiwar news, viewpoints and activities
Counterpunch - Progressive daily news source
Currency Exchange - Update date currency values - Canadian National News
CBC - Canada's Online Information Source
The Globe and Mail - Canada's Best-Selling National Newspaper - America's News Network
The BBC - World News with a British angle.
PBS Newshour - Public Broadcast News (US)
MSNBC - I don't know where the MSN stops and the NBC begins...
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Technology Review - Online Magazine from MIT
New Scientist - Science and Technology News
Ars TechnicaThe PC enthusiast's resource
CNet News - Technology news and business reports
Windows Update - Security updates for Windows operating system
How Stuff Works - For those who've always wanted to know
HTML Help - Links to tutorials and guides to making a Web Site
W3C Validator - The World Wide Web Consortium page to validate your HTML code
Web Monkey - More HTML guides
Canadian Computers - Hardware reviews and the like
Phil Zimmermann - The man behind PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
Black Hole Links - Black hole links, they're more interesting then you think.
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Star Wars - Yeah, we're geeks...
Internet Movie Database - The place to find information about any movie
Roger Ebert - Roger Ebert's movie reviews
It's your turn - Multiplayer online gaming
Pop Cap - Online Java games
Pogo - Very popular game site
Tribute - Movie times and other articles
PBS Kids - Great link for the children
Doctor Snuggles - Another one for the kids
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Guitar Chord Chart - Quick reference of guitar chords
Autotrader - Buy and sell cars
Fast Autos - For those who like their cars a little speedy
MTO - Going to need to visit their before you can go driving with your new car
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Dictionary - Find that definition online
Thesaurus - Find similar words online
Mapquest - Find you way there and back again
Webopedia - Internet and computing terms defined - The Source for Technical Terminology
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Web Attack - Lots of free and shareware programs
Linux - An open source alternative operating system
Tucows - A source of free shareware downloads. - Another source for free and not free stuff.
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