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Welcome to the Jet 2 Net links section. We provide these link pages as a service to our customers who have developed their own web sites, either for business or amusement. If you have any questions, or would like to get your own page included in the links, please read on.
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When someone comes to these pages, the links allow them quick access to the sites listed, which they might not otherwise know existed. Essentially, the links give you a chance to publicize your pages to the people visiting Jet 2 Net's link pages. To broaden the reach of your pages, you'll probably also want to list it with a search engine or two.
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They are not a requirement. Placing your web page among the others in the links section is not necessary in order to get your page online. Once your files have been uploaded to the server, anyone can see them by going to your web address in their browser. Also, the form provided below is simply a tool to request inclusion in the links pages. It is not a form by which you can request web page design, or to have your files uploaded to the server. Placing the page online is your responsibility; if you need help, please see our Helpdesk on the topic.
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You can use the request form if you'd like to: list a link to your page in the appropriate section; to update the information for a previously-existing link; or if you've found a page which no longer exists, report the dead link for removal.
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The link at the bottom of this page leads to the form used to submit your request. Please read the notes above, and the requirements below, before proceeding. Note that this service is not automatic, but is attended to personally. With that in mind, please do not submit this form multiple times, as there may be a slight delay in the processing of your request.

- Jet 2 Net Webmaster
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  1. The form below must be fully completed if it is to be processed. Please be sure that all sections of the form that apply to your page are filled out correctly. Include your Jet 2 Net e-mail address, rather than something from Hotmail or the like, and please be sure that you have entered the correct URL for your page.

  2. The web page(s) must be complete, AND be posted in your public_html directory. A link will not be posted to an empty directory or a page that simply reads "Under Construction." Please do not send the request until the page is posted roughly as you would like it to be. If you're not sure how to post the files to your directory, read the information here.

  3. The pages may not contain adult-related material or links. We're a family oriented Internet Provider; this one speaks for itself.

  4. The site must be of a general interest to Jet 2 Net subscribers. This condition is an extension of the one above: we're not going to promote a site which may be offensive to some subscribers. You're still free to place what you like in your webspace; just be prepared to advertise it elsewhere.

  5. The pages MUST reside on the Jet 2 Net web server. Pages from other ISPs or from services such as Geocities or Excite will not be included. (Exceptions to this rule will, of course, be made for domains hosted by Jet 2 Net.)

  6. The home page must be named one of 'index.htm', 'index.html', 'default.htm', or 'default.html'. Our server looks for these filenames to display first when your address is entered in a web browser. If you do not have a file by one of these names, your page will not display properly.
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