Software available on this page is neither released nor developed by Jet 2 Net. Any use of the below software is at your own risk! Please direct support related questions to the software vendor.
Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 - Microsoft's Latest Browser. Check out their homepage.
Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 - Microsoft's Last Major Release Browser. Homepage no longer available.
Netscape 7.1 - Netscape's Latest Offering. Uses Mozilla's Gecko Technology. Check out their homepage.
Mozilla 1.6 - Free Open Source Browser. Check out their homepage.
Mozilla Firefox 0.8 (Technology Preview) - Mozilla's Next-Generation Browser. Check out their homepage.
Sun Java Plugin - Needed for most online games and applications. Check out their homepage.
JB Mail - Small, portable mail client for Windows. Check out their homepage.
Mozilla Thunderbird (Technology Preview) - Mozilla's Next Generation Mail Client w/ Junk Filtering. Check out their homepage.
Pegasus Mail - Free Mail Client for Windows. Check out their homepage.
Eudora 6.1 - One of the oldest mail clients in its newest incarnation. Check out their homepage.
Mailwasher - Check your mail before downloading it. Check out their homepage.
Spamihilator - Spam Scanner. Check out their homepage.
POPfile - Spam Scanner. Check out their homepage.
SpamPal - Spam Scanner. Check out their homepage.
Ad Aware - Spyware Scanner/Removal Utility
Spybot Search & Destroy - Spyware Scanner/Removal Utility
Google Toolbar - Stops Popups & Builds Google Search into your browser.
Uninstall Tool for
MSBlast Removal Tool
Klez Virus Removal Tool
Yaha Virus Removal Tool
AVG Antivirus - Free Edition - Free Antivirus For your Computer - Check out their homepage.
WS_FTP LE - Free FTP Client (For Educational Purposes Only)
Smart FTP - Free FTP Client For Windows
WinZip - Compression/Decompression Utility (30 Evaluation) - Check out their homepage.
WinRAR - Compression/Decompression Utility - Check out their homepage.
Stuffit Expander - Compression/Decompression Utility (Macintosh Standard) - Check out their homepage.
How to filter messages marked as [Possible Spam] from your inbox.
Try our Bandwidth Speed Test. It may take a few minutes for the test to complete.
A quick way to determine your Internet Protocol (IP) address.
IP is a large source of information on 56k modems, including links to modem drivers.
Read this article to find the settings you need for your Linksys router.
Instructions for uploading your web pages to MNSi using WS-FTP.
Find out how many hits your web pages are getting with our counter program. Simply insert the code on the page with a little modification and that's it!
Here are links to freely available online virus scanners. Specific virus removal tools can be found in the software download section.
IP Addresses and Server information required to properly set up your Internet connection and applications.
Download Jet 2 Net's customized Internet Connection Software. This page also contains links to the web sites of major modem manufacturers, for the purposes of obtaining upgrades for software-based modems.
For additional information regarding 56k modems, their benefits, and limitations, please see our 56k info page.