Jet 2 Net customers using a Linksys router to connect to our high speed service should note one important setting change.

In the Linksys modem setup under the Advanced tab at the bottom of the page is a setting called "MTU". Most likely this setting will be enabled and the size will be set to 1492. This setting is not optimal for our service. Please change it to 1454, apply the changes, and then reconnect.

This will result in better performance and may correct problems when attempting to view certain websites. As always it is a good idea for all client machines to be running our latest speed patch which can always be found in our downloads section.

Note: In all cases you should be running the latest firmware on your router. Firmware updates include important bug fixes and can dramatically increase the reliability of your router. Also, older versions may not have the MTU setting available.

More information on Linksys routers including firmware updates can be found at

1. Click Advanced from the main screen
2. Adjust the MTU setting at the bottom of the page
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